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Discussion in 'Competitions' started by TaahirS, 5 Nov 2014.

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    I don't even think I need to outline the problem here, just look at the pic.
    This was my dad's old tank, left to run wild.


    I then decided that this would be my tank. We did some pruning and it then looked loke this, there was still caulerpa in it but not nearly as bad as before. The tank ran with some Xenia, mushrooms and a hammer frag. Fish were two tomato clowns and a royal gramma.


    Eventually after about 3 years I got tired of having to pull caulerpa out every week and decided to do a massive clean out.

    We sold all of the livestock and the skimmer. We then drained the tank and took out the rock and sand. I got new live rock and a tunze 9004 skimmer and it was time for it to start cycling again.

    It's now got a tiny convict tang, zoas and other corals(not going to list them all).


    My tank thread: TaahirS in wall tank - Marine Aquariums South Africa
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  3. RiaanP

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    I would have been fed up long before 6 months, never mind 3 years...
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