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    They’re what every marine breeder really wanted, but didn’t get, for the holidays. *My Reef Creations’ made-to-order mini kriesels feature all the sex appeal of [insert name of your favorite exotic sports car here]. *This is not, we repeat, is not your DIY fishbowl kriesel.

    Jeremy*Maneyapanda of SEA Atlanta tells us “I have bred fish and used bowl, tubs, and similar.* And they just aren’t as functional or productive as these [kriesels] in my experience.* But that’s just my experience.* Bear in mind, these have a very universal application to them too.* Not just for grow out of teleosts, but also jellies and seahorses “.

    The version of the MRC Mini Kriesel shown here does not yet have a drain hole placed – MRC wanted to show off this example at its sexiest (before the hole, bulkhead, and tubing clutter the photo). *This kriesel design offers no deadspots, no “foot” like a fishbowl that creates eddies and collects detritus. *It’s also designed in a manner that it can be run as a freestanding unit connected to a sump, or it can be used (as is done at*SEA Atlanta) in a water bath / basin, with multiple kriesels sharing a common pool of water. *Water flow is easily controlled with an inline valve before the spraybar – the inflow of water keeps the outflow screen free of debris and delicate critters.

    The reality is that not everyone wants a gritty, dirty, ramshackle breeding basement, and as Maneyapanda was quick to say, “Ferrari doesn’t make a budget vehicle.” We’re sure that anyone familiar with the MRC brand already knew that *if My Reef Creations was going to make a breeding product, it was going to feature high-end design and professional finish. When the decision between breeding marine fish or not hinges on the spousal approval factor, you better believe that this is the type of equipment that elevates breeding to a beautiful, eye-catching experience all its own.

    Or maybe you’re one of those hobbyists who simply relishes a fishroom that looks like a lab. *Either way, this ain’t your cheap plastic fishbowl hanging in your display tank with a plastic clamp from a home improvement store – it’s breeding equipment at a whole new level. *All MRC Kriesels are made to order at this time; you can submit an inquiry on the MRC website.




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