my miracle fish

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    22 Jul 2012
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    so im back g-town didnt work (no sw petstores:tt2:) had to move tank :( again so its set up ,updates on 240l tank thread
    i would also like to share the story of my miracle fish one of my purple dottybacks was stuck in a crevice in one of my live rocks and i failed to notice him (rookie mistake) so when i added in fish 1 by one into newly set up tank i noticed he was missing,the sudden realisation hit me like a train i didnt want to dig through live rock piece by peice so i put them in and out he popped :eek: hes still alive today and doing well.he survived a 45 minute drive and is back to being a star in my tank
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    Glad to hear he is still alive. New name miracle dotty.

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