My first marine project

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    Fourways, Jhb
    Greetings all

    I take delivery of my first tank this coming weekend. I decided to buy a 6 month old setup


    Everything is basically brand new and in good condition. The dimensions of the tank are
    850 wide X 650 deep X 700 high.

    I have spent alot of time on this forum reading and researching. I must admit it is all very overwhelming. Alot of different opinions and different subject matter. I'm going to ask a few questions below so please forgive me if the have been answered before.

    1. Where is the best place and most cost effective place to buy RO water. I'm based in the fourways are Jhb. What price can I expect to pay?
    2. Where is a good place to buy large containers to mix the salt and H2O?
    3. A few questions about rock, on this forum I have read a number of different opinions about this subject. While I understand the advantages and disadvantages do I go with live rock or dead rock ? Where is the best place to buy either?
    4. Sand, play sand, crushed!!!I want to use a white type sand in the tank but not sure what to use?

    Steps I plan to follow, is this correct?
    1. Setup tank, equipment and plumbing
    2. Add mixed RO water and salt. Run the system for a day or two.
    3. Add sand. Lets it settle
    4. Add rock
    5. monitor water parameters throughout the entire process

    Thanks in advance so the help. Like I said I'm sorry this has been answered before. I just want to make sure I do everything as correctly as possible.

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    Personally I would definitely go with Live Rock, or there is also a new alternative called Real Reef rock (I think), the amount of life you get in live rock is fantastic.

    Budget will more than likely dictate this, go with what you want, as long as it is fine grained sand, the different types of aragonite are obviously the best, but they are very expensive.

    Looks good.

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