My first Cube

hi guys tank is doing really well so far , i am also having really good growth with my hammers , i am not dosing yet but i have been feeding once a week using reef roids , still doing my 25L weekly water changes using NSW . i want to get some fuel or even additional amino acids with some trace elements . i have added a little Gold hammer its tiny but has 2 heads and then i am also looking after a beautiful brain coral for a friend . in the next month or so i will be adding some more hammers i want to make a massive garden ! i have a good vision in mind for this tank

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did some cleaning this weekend, i gave a super meaty feed to all my LPS this weekend using @plankt.onyx black sea sprat cut up very small. corals love it !!! also placed my gold hammer on its permanent spot . cant wait to get to get more colours on the hunt for a toxic spatter too . so far far pretty happy with all the growth i am getting .
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Hi guys corals doing great , i need more though , over the weekend i did a 25L water change , managed to get my hands on a cool little striped fang blenny and started
"dosing" fuel . i got abit of a dead spot on the bottom left corner of my tank i need to try sort out but i am also trying to keep the flow balanced for my LPS

my hammers are splitting like crazy . Sorry for the reflections in the photo's
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Really nice, going to look really good in a couple of months
Thanks Dude , dont have the same budget as the last tank but will see what the road has in store
It's always nice to see what can be done on a smaller budget. I believe people can still create a beautiful tank without having the latest, greatest and most expensive corals/fish.
It's always nice to see what can be done on a smaller budget. I believe people can still create a beautiful tank without having the latest, greatest and most expensive corals/fish.
100% dude it just takes patience . my TL550 was a perfect example buying smaller frags ect and once they grow out it will be perfect .
I will definitely agree with that. My first tank was in the UK and I converted a tropical tank to marine on advice from a LFS owner and he told me that you have a choice you can do it on the expensive way or just use what you need so no fancy expensive stuff. He showed me that it can be done with what you have with the least expense to run a tank, I still apply the same principal as you can see in my latest marine journeys.
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Morning guys , tank is doing extremely well , my fish are absolutely loving life i have always been so focused on my corals but recently been taking a bigger liking to my fish they enjoying the slightly bigger swimming space in the tank as opposed to the TL550 i can see a lot more growth already as well as coloration , the new striped fanged blenny is also officially part of the family now happily swims with its tank mates and of course they try insist on getting food every time i look at the tank :m28: . i want to add another fish any ideas ?

overall the tank is doing amazing , got some long GHA on the rear glass however that was from me not giving it a proper wipe from when i bought the tank i had set it up the same day i purchased as it was a running tank no biggy though ... i also have some diatoms on my substrate which will also go away in due time . need to get some more hammers as well as zoas ,keeping my top pinnacle for 2 torches

@reef addict organized me the most beautiful brain coral too. thanks dude:cheers2:

last thing i want to add is i have got the most beautiful colour spec out of my Radion over this tank unfortunately as you know we never get the same look out of a cellphone camera .

my new brain
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@Dazz07 i need to go on a photo course. now we need to find some red hammer
ag dude we get used to getting the colours right with our tanks one day i will take a ride to you and you will see i will battle to take pics of your tank because your light spec is different to what i am used to .

i will sell my car so long (for the "red" hammers ) haha
Morning guys , still same old stuff tank is running smooth , i got a few of those ball nems not a major issue yet not sure if they will be an issue .
my gold hammer is officially starting to split and has its second mouth already to.

i really want another fish perhaps a flasher wrasse but all in time .

but hey what's an update without photos :cheers2:

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so one thing about me is i love to target feed my corals at least twice a week . no i have used alot of different corals foods and brands all the way up to polyp lab to hikari -anyways recently i have been using reef pulse by ocean nutrition and this stuff is brilliant and in my small tank although the food is really expensive its going to last .

the feeding responses i get from my hammers is great most other foods the food just ponders on their tentacles and most goes to waste . ( i don't over do it) so there alone the corals are ingesting the food quicker , i also can see a difference it growth as well .

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