My first 40 litre Nano

Discussion in 'Nano Tanks' started by Kingfish, 25 Apr 2012.

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    29 Dec 2011
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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to introduce my low cost nano, almost three months old, and need some advice please as I have only got into this hobby this year and I love it

    Have been doing tons of research especially internet and reading, never knew that there is so much to it, my wife says I spend more time at the tank

    * 2 foot standard tank
    * 60cm odyssey 2*24w white/blue (need to supplement with red for night viewing) and moonlights
    * Aquaclear 30 power filter (Sponge/Carbon/ceramic balls that came with it) advice on changing to purigen
    * Resun sk01 skimmer
    * resun powerhead
    * 5kg Aragonite
    * 4 kilo live rock
    * 4 kilo base rock
    * 1 hermit
    * 1 fire shrimp/1 cleaner shrimp/3 bumble bee shrimp/1 hermit
    * zoas and leathers
    * Instant ocean/ Tetra Salt

    My problems are as below, introduced a true perculiar clown one month after cycling and got white spot and died after over a month, don’t know why ?
    Introduced bangai cardinal 1 week later and it too died two days after adding to tank, silly me

    If I leave the tank only with shrimp for a month, will it get rid of white spot ??

    I add 0.5 gram Red Sea Foundation ABC every 2nd or 3rd day with RO water

    Got lots of critter in LR but have an outbreak of green/red hair algae in certain spots, LFS checked everything and all water parameters are good, I alternate with special blend and 20% RO water change every week, what should I do, I heard of turning lights off for two days and manually taking out algae, will that be okay for zoas and mushroom

    Any advice will be appreciated, sorry about all the questions but I seem to get different suggestions from different people

    This is old photos, will try and update, dont have a good enough camera, sorry about quality



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    Pretoria East
    Hi Kingfish

    What are the actual water parameters? Do you have a way of measuring salinity?

    What procedure did you follow to introduce the fish to the tank?
  4. Mc


    8 Jun 2011
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    Hi Kingfish Welcome to MASA.:thumbup:
    There are so many factors that could come into play here, without knowing your parameter we really have nothing to go with. You say your fish died are your coral still doing ok?
    What is your salinity?
    Have you tested your parameters?
    How did you acclimatise the fish?
    What is your tanks temperature?
    The pics don't work, rather upload them with the image uploader.

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