My "excuse to have a tank" tank

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    So guys i cant go without a tank. Yes its a sickness i know. So starting a small nano so i have something till the day i can look at a big tank. Some info on the tank.
    Tank will be 60x60x45 rimless opti white with black silicone and a external overflow.
    Sump will be 50x50
    Galvanised stand with a cabinet.
    Equipment is still something i need to work on and would appreciate some help
    Bubble magus curve 5 skimmer
    RW 8 wavemaker
    DC 2000 return pump
    Auto top up system
    Lighting i am baffled still

    Ill run bio cubes, carbon and macro algea.

    Livestock etc ill think about later. I do already have liverock.

    So first questions will be.
    What kind of substrate to use?
    What lighting to look at thats priced right?
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