My CLS and Egg Crate

Discussion in 'Pumps and Waterflow' started by Ross, 13 Jan 2010.

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    Hey Gang

    I managed to get some egg crate and have about 50Kg of base rock so want to get started on my scaping.

    My system has a CLS running off a 6500L Aqua Medic OceanRunner.

    I am not sure how to build an egg crate platform for my rock. I obviously want to have a platform under my rock so that the CLS can blow all the gung out from under there. That is quite simple.

    What I am not sure of is around the rock, what to do so the sand does not get blown all over the place. I have thought about BB but I want a natural looking reef. The other idea I had was to either let the rocks around the edge of my 'island' drop over the edge of the egg crate to form a wall between the CLS and the sand, or to put a solid side on the base out of perspex or something similar. In both cases it is basically the same thing.

    If I go the rocks as a wall, this will not cause to much trouble with debris I am sure as there will not be that much rock in the sand.


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    ross i have a simular system and the excat same problem of the sand being blown around.. im going to be building a glass box in my new system and only put the sand on the outside of this box..

    as for the eggcrate im going to put reinforcing on the inner side of this box and put an eggcrate platform over it and direct my flow underneath this shelf that will be suspending my rock..

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