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    Hi All

    I have had my tank cycling for two weeks and attached below are some of the photos and a my first water sampling.

    I have had a brown algae on my substrate and live rock, however as you can see my NH4, NO2 and NO3 levels are high. I have done a partial water change to help with algae, NH4, NO2 & NO3 and also added some more live rock.

    Please any advice in reducing these levels. Also please could someone help on the 1) I still have the original bio balls and should I remove these and replace with what ? and 2) the lighting that comes standard on the TL550 is it T5 or not. Please advise on how sufficient and what type of hard and soft corals would be suitable.

    Apologies I do not know how to add in line phtos and their max size and dimensions so I have attached in pdf document. Apologies for the incovenience and all your assistance is much appreciated.

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    hi Zahed and welcome, those paremters are normal, but if I was you, while the tank is cycling, I would change the substrate and get rid of that crushed coral substrate, rather use reggies play sand or arogonite, that crushed coral is real bad for nitrates etc later on.

    Leave the bio balls in there till the tank is about 8weeks, then slowly start removing them bit by bit.
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    Patience :) they will go down soon enough, just don't rush it.

    Boyu TL550 use PL 24w tubes afaik, I have the 450 and it uses the 18w PL's.

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