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8 May 2007
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hey all
hereare the specs of my new tank it has got no live stock at the moment as i still need to add more live rock

main display
210cm x 100cm x 90cm
contents: 70 kilos live rock
lotsa water
bare bottom at the moment


130cm x 50cm x 50cm x 50cm
with dsb area of 50cm x 50cm
2 x diy glass skimmers (produce awsome skimmate)


im trying to keep this set uu as simple as possible as im not going to be keeping ant hard corals

2 x 150w hailids with blv bulbs

2 x 300w jager eheim heaters

water moovement
12000l/ph return
corner overflow

live stock
empty at the moment but it will be a larglet fish only with 2 small sharks and some soft corals

aditonal filtration
huge fluidized bed rated for 5000l

cost so far

what i need

60 kilos of live rock
100 kilos of aragonite
sand for dsb
2 x large seios
live stock
(if anyone has any of the above for sale please let me know)

if someone can send me a e mail addy i can send them pics to be posted


no its 10mm glass front with a 25mm plywood and fiber glass body
im wanting
a bamboo cat shark
a ephulett shark
a wobbygong shark
and a nurse shark
and for when they grow up im busy building a 13 000 l system
i had a chat to one of the importers yesterday, they just brought in some oceanic blacktip reefsharks.. yes plz..

I'm really keen to see your progress on the 13K L system.
what size are they ? and how much ? me keen
eish again they were about 30cm and in the R3500-R5500 price range. The sharks were brought in either for ushaka or pretoria aquarium, i should have paid attention lol, i just went shark crazy..
wow thats hectic! do you know of anyone who can get me the sharks im liooking for ?
mies gona be bigger and better he he!! any idea where i can get sharks ?
Calvin, if I understand right your front glass is either 90 or 100cm high, out of 10mm glass. If your water level is anything close to these, your tank is going to explode one of these days.

Maybe I misunderstood your dimentions or something, if not its a miracle it hasn't broken yet.
how many SA guys are keeping sharks? could you post sum pics of these sharks..thanks..
hi bob
the actual viewing panel is just over 80 cm in reinforced glass so i dont think there is muck of a threat
snoek im still waiting for sharks ! as i wanto get the tank perfect first
pics will come on monday
its temperd tut its mounted in the tank like glass sits in a pcture frame with a 3.5cm lip all rouns si it cant bow
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