My aquria 1.5mt tank

16 Aug 2012
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After being out of the game for almost 2 years i have decided i needed to start up again.
So got myself an aquaria 1.5mt, 800lt tank with zet 6600 led lighting, phosphate reactor, auto top up, ro machine. Basically the works. Thanks to Obey from fish tank services for his excellent work of moving and setting up the tank.
Ja, that light will be too small.
On my 1.2M tank it's right on the limit.
When's the pics of your system coming?
Hi guys. Pics will follow soon. Trying to upload them but dont know why its not loading.
The guy i had bought the tank from said the these lights worked perfectly for him. Will just have to wait nd see. Maybe will have to start saving up for another 1.
Nice what do you have your setting on and how high is the light from your tank? It looks like the 6600 covers the 1.5 tank nicely
Tnx waynee. Lights are on standard settings for now. Didnt get a chance to set it yet nd its about 16cm above the water.
You wont be disappointed. I get full coverage from them. Specs of my tank : 1500 × 600 × 820
Those tanks do look nice dressed all in black, good luck with the tank keep the pics coming. :)
Definitely a great tank. One I had my eye on, but I'm so blown away by the @Aquaria-SA tanks that I want to go to the 2M but convert to dual view front and back.As a room divider
That will be a great idea madmatt. I had the aquaria 1mt and now have the 1.5mt. Slowly moving up the ladder to eventually get the 3mt beast. They are amazing tanks.
Its been almost a month now and tank is coming along nicely. Once again a huge thanks to Obey from Fish tank services who comes in now and then to check my water parameters and do maintenance.









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