My 5000 litre Dream Aquarium

18 Jul 2007
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Cape Town
Hi Guys and Girls

I have had a little secret for a long time.

I have planned a 5000 litre aquarium for my new house over the last 12 months.
I thought it was finally time to start a thread..;)

The aquarium will be viewable from both long sides and one short side. It will act as a divider for my office and my lounge area. It will have an external overflow hidden in a cupboard.

We have now built the aquarium and are at the stage where we are almost ready to fill.

This aquarium has taken many many hours of planning and design elements.
I wanted to ensure I eliminated all the issues I have had with my past installations.

For example one of the issues which I always wanted to avoid was having wires or equipment in the aquarium. Later on in this thread you will see how we overcame this as best as possible.

The Aquarium is almost ready to be filled but think it would be best to go back to the beginning and show you this build from the ground up.

Firstly I am very much a fish only man (Sorry to all you dedicated reefers out there)
I am no stranger to large fish only systems and had a 5000 litre fish only system in my previous house.

Anyway back to this aquarium.
The specs are 3m long 1.280m wide and 1.1m high.
The aquarium is built from Opti white glass.
Glass thickness is 22mm for the side panels and 30mm for the base.
The sump is 2.7m long by 700mm wide by 600mm high in 12mm glass.
The sump is positioned in a remote location from the main display(I hate noise in my living space)
Equipment is pretty basic as this the water change system.
We will have a large commercial Reef Octopus Bubble blaster skimmer
We will also run UV and ozone
A nitrate reactor will be used to control N03.
We will run a P04 reactor and a chiller.
I will use a Profilux for control...
The sump will be jam packed with mature liverock
So there it is mechanical, chemical and biological filtration done and dusted.

For flow we will use two Vortech MP60 quiet drives for the main display

In the main display we will have an artificial reef that has been custom made for these dimensions

I will be posting pics as we go...
Sounds awesome, can't wait to view pics. Also interested to see how you overcame your wiring.
where's the pics!!! Can't wait!!
Show Tank 5.jpg
Show Tank 6.jpg
Lighting is ontop of the far as cables go I'm using eco tech vortech quiet drives so no cables in the tank..
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