Municipal power to high

1 Jul 2015
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Does anyone have the same problem with ups switching off when the power from municipal gets to high?
Purchased a 1000w pure sine wave ups
And had to purchase a voltidge regulator due to the power reaching 260v at night.
I believe there is a voltage switch to allow for voltage changes. On my inverter i got it on wide. The other setting is narrow. I assume its what u r ref to...
Nothing like that on mine
switches to dc when voltage reaches below 100v and above 260v as a safety feature.
I found this explanation.....

This switch is also known as Narrow-Wide range switch and it is used to adjust the input voltage range for which power inverter will work on line mode (external power) and then switch to backup mode. For example, you have got a power inverter that has got ‘narrow range’ of 170 V to 250 V, it won’t switch over to batteries backup if voltage is higher than 170 V and lower than 250 V. On the other hands, if ‘wide range’ is selected which is supposedly designed for 110 V to 260 V, the power inverter will not switch to backup mode as long as external power is available and voltage is higher than 110 V and lower than 260 V. Such switch is useful when you use electric generator or you have got issues with stability of main electricity supply voltage. Make sure you choose narrow mode while connecting sensitive electronic appliances like computers, TVs etc as narrow mode reduces the switch over time from external power source to batteries backup.
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