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    This multicolor and coral beauty angelfish hybrid is just the latest amazing*Centropyge to be illustrated by long term friend of the blog Jimmy Ma. We’ve seen this particular cross of coral beauty and multicolor angelfish before in a tiny specimen captured from Cebu but like the aberrant coral beauty and double blackfin heradli angelfish, Jimmy Ma scored and photographed this fish in a way that really gets the angelfish lovers excited.*


    Like many other beautiful and interesting reef fish, this particular hybrid specimen of Centropyge bispinosa and Centropyge multicolor came from Cebu, along with a few rusty flames, a few flame angelfish and a single aberrant lemonpeel angelfish. The Cebuan hybrid pictured above and below looks a lot like the supposed rusty x multicolor cross we shared later last year, but this larger specimen is much more developed and pronounced and therefore much easier to tell its parentage. In several of his talks Julian Sprung mentions unlikely crosses like this and believes them to be the result of accidental*fertilization, which doesn’t seem to be that rare of an occurence in Cebu where weird reef fish are discovered on a pretty regular basis.


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