Mullets tying the knot!!!

leslie hempel

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7 May 2007
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East London
hey guys my good friend peter aka mullet will be tying the knot with his lovely fiance elaine a little later this arvie...:slayer:

i would just like to take this opportunity to wish them well

best of luck mate, marrige is what you put into it... it can be hard work but then nothing worthwhile isnt...

i must kak you out for the date though!!! dont you check your calender!!!!!:1:

enjoy dude

les, candice and kieren
Congratulations dude.
he he awsome party.....

squiddy caught the garter again!!!!!.... its just a matter of time for that boy!!! jody and i hoisted him up in lineout style....nearly put him through the roof!!! nobody else got a chance to get near that fabric...
So no Marge type incidents with Squiddy this time round?????? You know he is like a magnet for ...........
hey dude

i only see this thread now! at least u wont forget my wedding thanks 2 the boks , and 4 squiddy i think we going 2 have 2 sort him out two garters in 1 year and still no luck i think its time we take him 4 a drive again but this time not 2 currie str but some where he can still pick up a woman without paying he he:1:
Belated Congrats on your wedding Mullet.
congratulations man!
just joking.... we love you guys to bits just pulling your leg..... marrage isnt a bad as people make it out to be....
Says the man only married for a few months.
Congrats! Mullet ;) wish you and yours happiness and health. And a good path of communication that will never break.
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