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    With some of the best crafted acrylic products in the aquarium world, hybrid aquariums are exactly where we’d like for My Reef Creation to apply their talents. MRC’s been making calcium reactors, small protein skimmers, large protein skimmers and professional sumps for over a decade, and let’s not forget their skunkworks like the MATSA*and*Kreisel. Therefore it is with great delight that we learned MRC had finished building a pair of hybrid aquariums. mrc-hybrid-aquarium-4.jpg The hybrid glass, PVC and acrylic tanks can be built in a variety of ways, the primary difference being the use of an acrylic brace or a trimless tank. MRC hybrid aquariums are available in standard or starphire glass and all panels are polished and beveled for a perfect and professional finish with no no sharp edges.

    mrc-hybrid-aquarium-2.jpg The bottom of an MRC hybrid aquarium is PVC which is CNC machine routed so the glass panels sit inside a channel, adding to the structural integrity of the aquarium. PVC is strong, able to withstand rocks being dropped on it, etc. and can be drilled very easily unlike tempered glass which is often used for the bottom of medium and large aquariums.

    mrc-hybrid-aquarium-3.jpg One really neat feature of My Reef Creation’s*glass and PVC boxes is the use of acrylic overflow. This means that MRC have perfect overflow teeth, they can be different shapes and they too can be drilled. At the moment My reef Creation is only making their hybrid aquariums on a custom*ordered*basis, so pricing will vary but you can be sure that this newfangled glass and acrylic-smithing won’t come cheap; MRC will be proud of their work, as they should be. [My Reef Creations]

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    very clever some great minds out there. Simple yet efficient

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