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    A lot has been said about Animal Planet’s show “Tanked” and I wanted to talk to the horse’s mouth before forming my opinion.

    Here’s my opinion on “Tanked”:

    First, I think it is great that a show about saltwater tanks has hit mainstream TV. More people interested in saltwater tank hobby can’t hurt especially if these new comers are educated in the correct way about how to keep a tank.

    Second, Could the show use more of an educational component?

    Absolutely and I’m all for it.

    However, that’s not Animal Planet’s format. Animal Planet has a format that works (reality TV drama) and very likely they’ll stick it to it as any network seeks to find a formula that works, then repeat it again and again and again. Branching out isn’t something networks like to do as they have no idea what the return ($$) will be.*(Note: I’m not defending Animal Planet, I’m just letting you know how the reality TV industry works as I used to work in it.)

    That being said, if you don’t like what you see on the show, talk to Animal Planet as they have the creative control over the show, so they can (and hopefully they will according to Brett) add in an educational component.

    In other words, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    Third, Do I agree with all of what is show on the show?*Absolutely not. Certainly people who watch Mr. Saltwater Tank TV know I don’t advocate filling your tank with tap water and adding in a lot of fish.

    Does that mean I should hate Brett’s guts and flame him every chance I get?


    The best thing we can do as a hobby is direct our suggestions (not flaming emails) to Animal Planet. Will Animal Planet respond? I can’t say, but if they got hundreds of thousands of emails, we will have a better chance of them paying attention than us sitting around complaining to each other about the show.

    Lastly, after talking to Brett and clearly seeing that he’s out to help the hobby and to educate children on the wonders of the ocean, my hat is off to him for actually*doing something about what he is passionate about.

    I wish him much success in having his pilot program in Nevada schools be a huge success so that it gets implemented on a large scale. I don’t think any of us would complain if his program grew into a national program where there was a saltwater tank in every classroom.

    If a program like that makes it to Texas schools, I’ll be happy to donate frags and equipment to see the program grow.


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