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    I often wake up in the morning and think about how lucky I am to live in a country where a guy like me can freely have a show about saltwater tanks on YouTube. *I also think about the sacrifices the service men and women of the United States make to keep that freedom safe. *This year I decided I wanted to do something to honor their service and sacrifices so I said,

    “Heck, why not do a 4th of July sale?!”

    So that’s what I did. *Introducing my 4th of July Sale for all my guides!

    Here’s how the sale works:

    • Orders of less than $100 get 15% off
    • Orders between $100 and $149 get 20% off
    • Orders of $150 + get 25% off
    Like any sale, this offer ends Monday, July 9th @ 11:59pm Central Time.*

    Enough of the details, here are the links to the guides:


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