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    When we first happen upon a reef aquarium in pictures or real life, one of the first things we look for is the way that the tank is unique, in what it does well. As far as we’re concerned, this Korean reef aquarium set up and*maintained*by Mr. Kang is one of the most beautiful and progressive reef tanks we’ve seen in a long while. Beautiful corals with excellent growth and color are draped over a dramatic aquascaping foundation which is both aesthetic and functional.*


    The striking quality of the corals in this Korean reef aquarium are enough to warrant sharing with you, but the aquascape is also*something*to talk about. Using a lot of large and long pieces of branching live rock, Mr. Kang has built a large ledge which hangs over most of the area of the aquarium, reminding us of the floating reefscape of Robertus. This kind of separation between rock and the sand bed is not only beautiful and great for viewing more cryptic cave fish, but it also allows for plenty of water flow over the sand and through the reef scape, allowing for better water movement and encouraging greater rates of nutrient export.


    Like many reefers, we prefer vibrant bold-colored corals over the usually pale, pastel colors that SPS corals usually display in the low nutrient water of ZEOvit aquariums. Somehow Mr. Kang has managed to strike an impressive balance between the two extremes, resulting in corals that are extremely healthy and which appear to be growing quickly and into very natural shape. For more pictures be sure to visit the original and follow up posts on SPSHolic featuring lots of pictures and full details of this amazing Korean reef aquarium set up.
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