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Mozambican shipment 30%++ DISCOUNTED!!

15 Dec 2007
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Hi reefers


Yes All have been sorted out again and a large Mozambican shipment are expected on Sunday.

So from Monday morning we will sell these fish, anemones and inverts at at-least 30% discount!!!
ONLY till Thursday 17H30 22/10/2015

I will only be able to post a stock list on Monday afternoon as I expect Monday to be a REAL MANIC MONDAY :m79::m12:

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!:thumbup::thumbup:
Unfortunately due to Mozambican staff that are on leave this weekend (without backup working in their place ) we can now only receive them on Tuesday morning - thus the deadline of Thursday will move on one day
Mmmmm... Would like to come but Im not sure I want to stand around again waiting for 20 min until the sales person helps me at the counter with my purchase..
Sorry you had to wait so long :( !!!

You must have been here on a Saturday, as weekdays are normally much better AND there is more time to chat with the staff as well ;)
(if it was on a weekday - please call me on 0827825623)
Saturdays we don't have time for that personal touch and extra special service our clients came to expect form us.
Weekdays there are no excuse.
Just got of the phone with the supplier he promised FRIDAY @ THE LATEST.

And another shipment in a weeks time :eek:

I will post when I know it is actually in SA.
He is on the road - Should be here during the night and dripped in by 10H00 :m106:-
SO TOMORROW MORNING when we open all of them will be in stock ;)
It landed and there are some beauty's in there like INCREDIBLE carpet anemones

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