Moving Soon (opinions and advice needed)

5 Feb 2020
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So me and my wife are moving to a new home that's a bit bigger and in a estate so it's even safer than our current free standing home

I will be building a brand new tank for the new home same size and everything but this time I can correct what I dont like of my current built tank.

Like more sump room by removing the middle compartment and only having the sump split for a refugium and return section

anyway I know this can be a fresh start with dry rock so not sitting with aptasia or vermetid snails

But my tank is only 1 year old now and it's pretty much the way I like it and pest management isn't that big of a issue right now because I pretty much stay ontop of my routines and my scape is to my liking

Do you guys think it's viable to fill up the new tank with old water & brand new live sand then move all my live rock and corals in one time (hotswap) and adding bottled bacteria for a long term to try and avoid a cycle or should I just start from scratch again.

Has anyone ever "hotswapped" a tank and did they lose anything? I only did shutdowns sold all corals and LR only kept fish then cycled the new tank moved the fish over and sold the old one


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14 Dec 2008
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I have done it plenty of times, move old water and have new water ready as well. Keep LR in sealed buckets with water for the travel and then add etc.
Bacteria will help and only needed until the tank settles. I wouldn't re-use the old gravel unless you clean it etc.
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