Moving my very new tank

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    I will be moving at the end of January.
    Problem is
    I've just finished the upgrade from Nano to 1.2 and moved all my LS over.
    So the tank is pretty "green", but the parameters are stable.

    SG 1.025
    nitrate = 0
    nitrite = 0
    amonia = 0
    PH 8.3

    I will house my corals with a mate for a month or three until the tank is stable after the move.
    The fish I dont have temporary lodgings for and to make matters worse most of them are damsels so I do not want another reefer to house them in their current setup; however my current landlord is willing to let me leave the tank in the house for 2 or 3 weeks after we move out.

    The best plan I can come up with so far is:

    Setup a temporary facility now in my garage, make sure everything can be broken down and moved easily. (I have a frag tub running at the moment so it will be easy to use that with out the massive "in-tub" DSB)

    On the day I move (30 Jan) take the temp facility to the new place and setup, wait for a week or 2 and only if parameters are stable move the fish in two or three batches.

    Move the tank to the new place setup and let the cycle happen before slowly moving stock from the temp facility to the tank.
    Obviously this will require weekly 20 to 30% waterchanges on the temp system, but NSW is free and the ocean is close to my new house.

    What do you think will it work? Any advice will be welcome:thumbup:

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