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7 May 2007
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Cape Town
My previous thread about saltwater topup has me convinced I need to redo my sump/refuge. The only concern I have is about moving the 2 month old DSB.

If I switch off my return, drain the active sump, empty the DSB into a bucket, move the new sump in, transfer the DSB into the new sump, fill with water and leave to settle overnight before switching on the return again, should I worry about anything?

Elrond that sounds fine. There won't be too much going on after 2 months.

Remember the DSB will essestially be starting over again. The bacteria in the anoxic zones that have colonised will be killed when you expose them. But some life will be survive. You can start your sump up straight away, no need to wait.
i would fill the sump with water and skim it, without the return on for a few hrs
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