RSS Movie Time: Get to know the Reef Life of the Andaman Sea in this feature length video

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    It’s Friday night and if you feel like staying in, perhaps snuggling with your boo, or if your Netflix queue is looking uninteresting, here’s a full length*nature*movie to burn a couple hours of your evening/weekend. Within aquarium circles the Andaman Sea adjacent to Thailand is very poorly known although our*Bangkok reefing correspondent Ohm Pavaphon has been staying on the beat of the beautiful creatures being discovered there. This easy going flick on the Reef Life of the Andaman Sea is exactly that, no plot, no story, just a nice long look at many of the different amazing animals living right off the coast of Thailand.**Sharks, reef fish, corals, this movie’s got a little bit of it all for you to casually enjoy so thaw out some Formula One for the Fishies, fix some popcorn for yourself and enjoy.
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