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    National Geographic is always showcasing some of the most incredible nature photography — from the beautiful to the bizarre — and in a recap of some of the most popular nature galleries of 2011, there are lots of fish and aquatic images. Some of the best from the last year at NatGeo? Deep sea creatures, colorful ocean creatures and megafishes* to name a few.

    A no-brainer favorite of ours was the Colorful Sea Creatures gallery including the white anemone and sea star picture we led the post with. Inside this great gallery we saw everything from anemones to blue tangs, clownfish, regal angels, sea stars and more. Definitely worth a look.


    The Megafishes gallery brought us face-to-face with some freakishly huge freshwater fish. Definitely something you may not find to appealing as a home hobbyist, but the sheer size of these great creatures will definitely impress. Make sure to head over and check these behemoths out.


    So how do you make a popular gallery? Take a ridiculously large creature, snap a picture and share them. Another popular gallery is the large creatures from the ocean. Like the Megafishes gallery, these abnormally large critters in the Colossal Sea Creatures captivated our attention. Sure anything large and aquatic is awesome but add saltwater and we’re hooked!


    Another of the galleries that we appreciate is the Deep Sea Creature gallery. Take the absence of light, vast amount of pressure and being creative on food sources and you’re sure to get a creature that only can be found in nightmares — or a few thousand feet below the surface.


    Nature’s way of saying “stay away” can be bright colors or nasty, huge teeth. Both of these definitely impress in the Dangerous and Deadly gallery but we do appreciate the subtle beauty of colorful fish and creatures such as the striped surgeonfish (above) or colorful anemones over big teeth creatures like sharks and barracudas.

    There are plenty of more quality images from the sea and land so make sure you go check it out!

    [via Nat Geo]
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    wow, some really nice photos

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