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4 May 2007
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What would everyone consider the most important aspect to a successful marine tank, fish or reef? This is considering that the tank has cycled and the water is non toxic.
If I had to choose a single aspect, I would say cleansing. More specifically, skimming.
i would say detris from main tank and nutrient removal

okay and would expect my skimmer to remove both
Water Movement...
Make no doubt all the above are important to a successful tank, i am trying to find out what seperates a good marine system from an awsum system, besides the money you have to throw at the hobby.
export............. nutrient and detritus, either skimming/or some other form of mechanical filtration, chemical, water changes, conversion to body mass, water changes... whatever, just get the crap out the water column.
Besides the Water parameters, lighting, water and filration. What sets a good system apart from an awesome sytem is aqua scaping.

Assuming two sytems have similar water, lights, husbandry, etc a well aqua scaped sytem is just awesome compared to a just put together system.

(wish I had the talent to aqua scape well)

I mean take Oregen Reef ( I know you like it Alan) if all the rocks were piled in the middle and he still had all the same hardware etc etc it just would be the same would it?

Just my 2c
true, theres no satisfaction in an awesomely healthy systems that looks like %#%. STABILITY is another one, my system ran very nutrient rich for some time but everything was healthy because nothing changed........... including my water for 2 months.
From what I have researched, a properly maintained DSB is the secret in the long run, bigger the better.........
Water Movement...

Ok I'll back why I say water movement.

The consensus so far seems to me that nutrient export is the most critical factor. I wholeheartedly agree. But your skimmer can only remove what it recieves ( Help me... to help you... Jerry Maguire, but I digress :lol:)

Without adequate water movemnt you have the nasty stuff settling in the tank without getting a chance to be skimmed out. Random turbulent water flow ensures that the nasties stay in suspension longer which gives it a better chance to be sucked into the overflow and onwards to your skimmer.
Another thing that water flow does is removes wastes away from the coral and brings foods to them. These creatures are mostly static and rely heavily on their surroundings to keep them nurished and cleansed.

Just my 2c :)
What would everyone consider the most important aspect to a successful marine tank, fish or reef? This is considering that the tank has cycled and the water is non toxic.

Research, application, maintenance and sound husbandary practises.

Yes, filtration is important, but like anthony said, where is it without flow bringing it siht to filter out.
Can corals live indefinitely in clean water with lotsa flow indefinitely. (maybe in nature, but definitely not in our filtered overskimmed systems.

I would not put any of the above mentioned aspects above each other. They must all work together to achieve synergy.
I think thats what makes a tank successfull, everything in the right quantity and quality...
I`d say the most important aspect is the rock. Good quality live rock from a variety of sources provides the backbone of a successfull system by increasing biodiversity IMO. After the cycling then i reckon skimming.
regular water changes,good skimming,good waterflow to achieve spot on water parameters
Guys rereading the question, it has to be water quality all the way to run a succesful tank, Alan your second question as to what seperates a good tank from an awesome Tank, again aqua scaping
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