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    We all love going to the next reef club meeting, frag swap or fish shopping in a cool looking, saltwater-inspired t-shirt but sometimes there just aren’t many great designs to chose from. Every so often you get a cool shirt like the ones Marine Depot was giving out at Reef-A-Palooza with the “Kiss My Wrasse” slogan or the tongue-in-cheek “I’d Frag That” shirts that were floating around a few years back.

    Sometimes simplicity is the key component of good design. Every so often a vendor does manage to put together a cool shirt but a lot of times its overly designed and more fitting for tank cleanup day than coral shopping day. What we’d give to see some more fun and wear-worthy rags with some witty sayings maybe a “Busted by the Tang Police”, a Purple People Eater reference or “At least crack has a 12-step program” t-shirt.
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