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    Thanks to our great friends in Spain at Acuaristica we have received some more information and hands-on images of the new Arcadia Eco-Aqua 30W spotlight they were willing to share with us. They were able to get their hands on the lamp at Mundo Acuario in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and not only snap some images but also managed to score a spec sheet.

    Acuaristica-Info.png The images will give you a little bit more idea of the fixture itself but we were really happy to see the spec sheet with a few more details on the LEDs themselves. As me noted before with the four color choices, three of them are rocking CREE XPE LEDs with the 6,500K White sporting CREE XPG diodes.

    All four fixtures are built with 12 LEDs. The Marine White 14,000K has eight 8,000K and four royal blue 450nm LEDs to give it that crisp bluish-white look. If we are reading the spec sheet correctly, the Marine White sporting 40 degree optics which may just be too tight of a spot of light but we’d love to see it on a tank before passing final judgement.

    The Marine Blue 20,000K lamp sports six 450nm and six blue 460nm LEDs, the White 6,500K has 12 6500K LEDs and the Freshwater 5,000K is sporting a blend of eight 6,500K, two 460nm LEDs and two red 620nm LEDs. All three fixtures have 120 degree optics.

    The hanging arm is nice in design but appears to be made of a highly-durable plastic. This should give it strength and protection from harsh salt elements around the water but may not look as nice as a powdercoated metal arm. There is always the option for a hanging kit to give it a cleaner overall look.

    A neat looking light overall that we are hoping makes its way across the pond soon. Muchas gracias Jose y Acuaristica!


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