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    The new Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquarium all-in-one aquarium kits have a simple, clean and elegant look and with new details coming to light, have an affordable price as well. The Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquariums are now available in a 30 and 38 gallon version in either white or back details and will cost you just $300 for the Nuvo Aquarium 30 and $400 for the Nuvo Aquarium 38.

    mini38-white-stand-sideview2-200x300.jpg The Nuvo Aquarium kits will include the glass aquarium constructed of bent 8mm glass giving you the round corner look and feel with the elegant touches of your choice of trim color (white or black). Each aquarium will come with either a 30 or 92W Skkye Light Tablet LED Illumination light that includes an extruded aluminum arm, independent power cords and active cooling. Although the Marine Depot site lists the lights as a “feature,” the pricing is for just the aquarium.

    Each system also features a pretty extensive integrated filtration design dual overflows. The Nuvo Aquarium 38 also appears to come with a 45W, 476 GPH return pump and dual returns with flared nozzles. The smaller Nuvo Aquarium 30 comes with a single return and a 25W, 317 GPH return pump.

    The filter area comes with two media baskets and mechanical, carbon and phosphate removing sponges. Tucked into the design is two designated columns — one for a heater and one for a refugium. We are sure you can probably also add a small protein skimmer into the refugium section or add a HOB skimmer to the setup.

    If you want the matching stand, it will run you $200 for the Nuvo 30 and $250 for the Nuvo 38. The Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquarium systems are currently in stock and shipping from Marine Depot and should start making their way to other distributors shortly. Here is a complete rundown of all the features:


    • 38 Gallon Capacity
    • 8 mm Bent Glass
    • Tempered Glass Lid & Clips

    • 30 or 92 watt Skkye Light Tablet LED Illumination
    • Extruded Aluminum Arm
    • Independent Power Cords
    • Low Voltage Transformer
    • Actively Cooled w/ low noise frameless fan
    • Thermally Protected
    • Modern Design
    • Low Profile

    • Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows
    • (2) Media Basket
    • Mechanical Sponges
    • Activated Carbon Sponges
    • Phosphate Sponges
    • (2) Flare Nozzles
    • Designated Heater Column
    • Designated Refugium Column
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    I like the size and lid. Wonder what the SA price point will be?

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