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    [​IMG]The tablet-shaped Skkye LED aquarium lights we spotted last week have just received a round of* fresh new details including features, power and price. The Skkye tablet LED lights will come in two colored exteriors which relate to the color of temperature of the LEDs: white lights will be 10,000 Kelvin and black lights will be 14,000 Kelvin.

    Both of the fan-cooled Skkye LED lights will have independently controlled moonlights, a combination of 30 and 120 degree lenses seated in individual reflectors, and it will include side-mounting hardware with retrofitting hardware sold separately. Although they look nearly identical, a 30 watt Skkye Tablet 30 will cost around $430 and the 92 watt Skkye Tablet 92 will retail for around $580. The makers of the Skkye LED lights were kind enough to provide charts of PAR values for each size of the Skkye tablet LED, both of which are posted below.


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