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Discussion in 'Idol Marine' started by Bob the (reef)builder, 21 Dec 2012.

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    Hi Guys,

    WE get a new big fish shipment today which means that our fish and coral banks are even more full of Christmas goodies, which means that your free livestock vouchers will have a great selection of coral and fish to choose from.

    For those of you who missed last weeks letter, we launched the start of our Christmas Idol Marine Vouchers.

    WOW free fish and coral!!!!!!!

    For December we will be giving a livestock voucher to the value of 20% of your purchases to be redeemed on your next visit or until the end of February 2013.**

    So yes if you purchase anything at Idol this December we will give you free livestock.

    Buy a R5000 skimmer and get free livestock to the value of R1000

    Big Special.
    We have a limited number of the upgraded Ecotech Radion XR30w (130watt) six channel, wireless, fully programmable fantastic units.
    Beautifully made packed with Cree leds.
    We were asked not to put the prices on the net (thats how good they are!!!!!!). Give us a call.
    One was sold as I walked into the shop with them so don't dilly dally.[​IMG]


    Then if you did not see this last week, we have a great new AquaMedic product to add to our lineup.
    Finally the guys at AquaMedic have come up with a really top class LED fitting, posibly the best looking LED fitting we have ever seen, finished in an aluminium coating and Stainless steel.
    Some great features are the fact that the modular 50 per block LED's are individually sunk into neat reflectors directing a huge amount more light downwards, as well as screening veiwers from them.
    The high output (1 watt) 120 lumen per watt leds allow the unit to be passivly cooled removing the need for noisey fans, and removing the risk of diode burnout when they fail.


    This is what AquaNerd had to say,
    For starters, it is a sleek, low-profile fixture packed with a ton of diodes.
    The aquasunLED fixture is divided into two or three separate LED arrays (depending on the model) with each sporting 50 LEDs at 1watt each. The massive array of diodes is broken down into two colors options, and each module contains 15 blue and 35 12,000K white LEDs. The resulting light is said to be around 14,000K which is a nice white with a noticeable blue hue. According to Aqua Medic, the two different LED colors are separated into four distinctly controllable channels for the white LEDs, blue LEDs, moonlight and cloud movement.
    Two models of aquasunLED will be available, differeing only in the length and number of LEDs on board. The larger of the two fixtues, called the aquasunLED 150watt, measures 1280mm L x 350mm W x 50mm H and has three of the 50watt LED arrays. The shorter fixture, or aquasunLED 100watt, comes in a bit shorter at 870mm long but shares the same width and height. It has only two of the 50watt LED panels. As for the fixture’s housing, the body is made from powder-coated and saltwater resistant aluminum. And with the overall height of the fixture being just a little more than 2″, virtually the whole unit is a heatsink, with Aqua Medic relying solely on passive cooling.
    Controlling all of those LEDs is an on-board programmable computer that doesn’t just control when the lights turn on or off. Instead, the controller has the ability to dim the LEDs, run a cycle for the moon phase, and even simulate cloud cover. In addition to the built-in computer, the aquasuneLED has a USB connection that allows users to connect a PC to the fixture to change any of the 10 pre-programmed lighting modes. This is accomplished by a software interface called “DimEdit”, which doesn’t require installation onto a computer.

    So the specials are: free livestock to the value of 20% of your
    purchases this December.**

    We will also be offering a 25kg bucket of Aqua medic reefsalt
    to those buying R2500 worth of any livestock.

    **This special is valid for all stock but Vortec, Radeon and the Profilux range will only deliver a 10% of it's purchase in vouchers.
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    North Riding, Jozi
    You still have two fish of mine, one powder blue and one scopas, will collect today or tomorrow Rob, bought them while Adriann and Jean were on duty in the shop last weekend.
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    The AquaMedic LED fitting looks amazing!
    Do you have one up in the shop so I can see it in action?
  5. Toolboysa

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    It should be I was there when they delivered it
  6. Triton


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    woohoo need some corals.. what time u close today?
    still got some ganiopora food left?

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