Moorish Idol or Open Brain

13 Jul 2011
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Hi All

I have a bit of a conundrum....

I have a beautiful Moorish Idol, (TMC) that eats all types of Flakes and lots of Nor, and now is taking a liking to my Open Brain.:m23: One of my first corals I bought and my favorite piece.

So now it has come to choosing which one needs to be sold and sent to a better home.:m85: I cannot keep my Brain under my wife glass vase anymore.:m57:

I cannot decide, and the more I think of it the more i want to keep them both.

Please help.

That sux.
That's why I went artificial coral,so I could have the beautiful fish that are a risk.
What would you sell the moorish for.I lost mine awhile back,when I had a system crash
My moorish started on my brain, moved to zoas and then my candy cane before I gave him away. Getting rid of the brain my not solve your problem
How big is your tank? Moorish need space. They should be in large systems. It is always wise to research a fish carefully before adding to your tank. I personally love Idols, would keep him.
Its great to have a Moorish that eats everything. Pity that everything includes your priced corals.

Maybe feed it more, or maybe there is still something else he wants that you do not feed. But if he does move on to other corals, I would rather sell the Moorish. Last alternative is to go fish only.
Hi All

The fish was expensive, but hearing some of the moments,I would let it go for R600 to a good home.
@RiaanP, I have tried feeding more, but its only making him look like a balloon:lol:

Hi Blackghostknife

ill take it pls forward banking details and contact details.
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