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Discussion in 'Coral Care and Requirements' started by MerlinT, 15 Aug 2012.

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    Hey Guys
    Can someone please tell me if Montipora will grow if it is not stuck down. Also, will it die off if not stuck down as well. I had a couple frags on different ocassions which I did not stick down and they all lost colour and died. My water parameters are near nil with Nitrate and Phosphate. I mean I have other sps looking healthy and even my Plate Coral is spawning. So I cannot think it is water parameters unless Montipora is really really fussy. I have a 6 x 39w T5 Light Unit.
    Please advise.
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    hi there. in my experience with montipora, they have not died when not being stuck down, but then again, these were big frags, about half a CD size. If they keep dieng without being stuck down, try placing each small frag into a shot glass with some rubble in a low flow area. And then, to answer your other question, yes, montipora will encrust onto other surfaces without being stuck down but it takes a minimum of 2 weeks to be kept in the exact same place without being disturbed, for the coral to successfully encrust onto the surface. I hope everything comes right :)
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    Shouldn't be a problem not being stuck down...don't think I have stuck any of mine down physically. What you should do if you aren't doing so is wedge it into a secure crevice in the rock work to keep it from moving around and in time it will encrust there and grow out.

    As to why they are dying Like I said it could be they are getting bumped around by not being secure and that in turn is stressing the coral out? Monti's are not generally fussy corals and I would say your lighting is adequate to keep them. What other sps are you keeping and where are they situated in comparison to the monti's u try to grow out? It may be a positioning in the tank issue a the end of the day.
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