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    The GHL Mitras Simu LED stick is a thoughtfully named LED lighting products which is headed in a clear direction. Rather than trying to produce an LED fixture like the Mitras that does it all, GHL realizes that LEDs are good for other things too, like special effects. Regardless of what kind of light you have, the GHL Mitras Simu LED stick can provide tons of dizzying effects, not the least of which is to interject some dynamic lighting events to your existing lighting set up.


    Basically, the GHL Mitras Simu LED stick is a RGB LED striplight with at least four channels of control to create different colored lighting effects. In addition to affecting the overall color temperature of existing lights, especially the traditionally non-dimmable forms like T5 and metal halide, the GHL Mitras Simu LED can deliver dawn and dusk simulations, lightning effects as well as a full lunar cycle.

    The GHL Mitras Simu Stick is powered by the Mitras Simu Driver which can handle up to four of the color changing LED wands. By design the GHL Mitras Simu Stick and Driver are made to operate with the GHL Profilux controller, but there’s also two 0-10v inputs for programming your own reef disco party using other controllers.

    GHL’s Mitras Simu Stick LED light will be available in two sizes, a 55cm and a 95cm, that’s 21.5 and 37.5 inches, but we’ll have to wait a bit until we know more about what kind of pricing and power levels these custom light effects bars will run us. [GHL] Mitras-Simu-Driver.png
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