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    mitras-led-light-composer.png Mitras LED light composer from GHL

    The Mitras LED light from GHL now officially has a name, and a very fancy light composer that helps the user graphically set the Mitras LED’s color spectrum. Using eight different sliders for the eight different LED colors found in the Mitras LED, the GHL light composer gives real time output of the overall color spectrum being composed into the Mitras LED light. As an added bonus, a checkbox displays the photosynthetic absorption curve of Chlorophyl A,*Chlorophyl*B and Violaxanthin, a natural xanthophyl pigment which we are unfamiliar with in corals.*

    mitras-led-ghl-white-150x150.png mitras-ghl-led-silver-150x150.png ghl-mitras-led-black-150x150.png mitras-led-light-composer-150x150.png The GHL Light composer is built in to the latest version of the Profilux Control although we hope*that it will be a standalone software package that doesn’t necessarily require a Profilux III controller to access most of the functionality. The Light Composer will be compatible with anything as long as it’s Windows but mobile device conectivity should*be a high priority for GHL’s developers pretty soon, especially if they want to attract as many customers to their Mitras LED as possible. Still don’t know a price for the Mitras LED, but not much longer until we are hitting up GHL for the full rundown in person.

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