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    The Mitras full spectrum LED bar is a just announced lighting product from GHL which will deliver Mitras-like light color and intensity customization in a striplight package. Not to be confused with the simpler Mitras Simu LED striplight also recently announced, where that light bar is meant to simply accentuate certain colors and compliment existing lighting, the Mitras LED bar is looking to*be the light.

    GHL has only released one teaser rendered image of the Mitras full spectrum LED Bar and on first impression it appears to be about twice the thickness of what we’ve seen in the Mitras Simu. The design of it is intended to be mounted inside existing lighting hoods or canopies, and the Mitras LED Bar looks to have beefer up heatsinking for more passive thermal management.

    If our hunch is correct, the Mitras LED Bar will likely be decoupled from a discrete controller as GHL already has that part of the equation locked down with the ProfiLux. If not, where the Mitras Simu LED is powered by its own simple driver, the Mitras LED full spectrum bar could see a similar sidekick device which can be pieced together in more customizable ways. That’s all we got on GHL’s new full spectrum LED bar so far, but one thing we know is that if it’s built to the same standards as the Mitras fixture it will be one beautiful LED striplight.


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