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    GHL has done little more than announce their new forthcoming full spectrum Mitras LED bar but some actual product shots reveal more. The images of what appears to be 60cm LED strips seems to be made up of nine modules.

    Each LED module is populated by four multicolor LEDs and four discrete high powered LEDs. The multicolor LEDs are of the RGB variety with the black top being a dead giveaway for Cree’s*CLV6B or*CLV6A series of SMD packages. Each RGB LED is accompanied by a single high powered diode which also appears to vary.

    mitras-full-spectrum-led-bar-3.png We’re seeing royal blue, cool white, neutral white and warm white in that order; the royal blue LED will compliment the blue light of the multicolor*CLV6A/B while the use of three shades of white for killer color rendition. There is a lot of overlap in those three shades of full spectrum white LEDs; where the cool white offers lots of PAR and intensity and the warm white brings out a lot of warmer colors, we would replace the neutral white LED with another royal blue diode because reefers love blue, that’s why.

    Who knows what final cluster of LEDs we will see in the final version of the full spectrum Mitras LED bar but the original color selection is a very encouraging direction. Where the Mitras LED fixture has one of the best on-board color controllers on the market the full potential of the Mitras LED bar will be determined not only by its price but also its ease of operation. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for an aggressively affordable price and full details on controllability.

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