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    The Mitras 6200 LED is GHL’s latest flavor of their fairly young Mitras LX LED platform. Where the Mitras LX 6100 has excelled at reproducing colors that are in line with European tastes for lighting that replicates T5 lighting, the Mitras LX 6200 replaces some of the warmer LEDs with cooler, bluer LEDs that should produce a bluer colored light that American reef aquarists prefer.

    Using the same beautiful housing of the Mitras 6100 that we swooned over this winter, the Mitras 6200 does away with its amber LEDs, so there goes most of the yellow spectrum, and the six Osram Oslon SSL Red LEDs also get cut. These 12 diodes are replaced with an equal number of Osram Oslon SSL “Blue White” and “Sky White”, two interesting names that don’t yield any results but we think we know what they are.

    A few months ago Tropical Marine Centre announced a new version of their AquaBeam Ultima 1500 NP LED light which also included a “unique” LED based on the Osram Oslon SSL LED called “Nature Perfect”. We later learned from TMC that this diode consists of the Osram Oslon SSL with a very light covering of phosphor to help produce a light that sits between a blue and a fully white LED.

    Cutting the warmer colors and replacing them with cooler ones ought to give the Mitras 6200 a bluer, more fluorescent appearance over corals at full power. However, it is worth noting that the same overall color temperature is already achievable by manipulating the Mitras 6100′s 9 channels of color control to the same appearance.

    If you have a Mitras 6100 but want the bluer light of the Mitras 6200 you won’t have to shell out the $1199 for another full fixture as there will be upgrade available.*Switching*from 6100 to 6200 style pucks won’t exactly be an upgrade, you’re getting basically the same LED power and intensity but for $299 it will offer the bluer color spectrum which will likely make the Mitras 6200 even more popular here in North America. [GHL]

    Mitras LX 6200 HV24000 K9500 KMarine water</p>(medium -* deep reef)9 separately dimmable colors:

    12 x Cree XP-E blue, 12 x Cree XT-E cool white, 12 x Cree XT-E royal blue,

    6 x Cree XT-E neutral white,*6 x Osram Oslon SSL true green,

    6 x Osram Oslon SSL sky white, 6 x Osram Oslon SSL blue white,

    6 x Osram Oslon SSL hyperred, 6 x hyper violet 425 nm<h4 class='related_post_title'>Readers also viewed:

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