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7 May 2007
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Durban, South Africa
I keep getting a notice that I've got missing fields in my profile. I keep adding info and the notice keeps coming up. And my guardian keeps getting emails about my change of profile activities.
You have empty profile fields that are required to be filled in. Please visit your profile page to update these fields.
If this keeps up, I don't think I'm coming back. :****:
Dave, your initial problem with the coppa registration was because you entered your birth year as 2007. Let me have a look at your account, I will sort it out for you.
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Dave, I have sorted your account out, please change your birth year, I set it to 1945.
Jees dude, just cos he's friends with Alan? :rofl:

Sorry Dave that birthday thing really makes a HUGE difference...
Thanks for aging me - every kid's dream ;)
I suspect you might still want to change my primary usergroup to Registered Users though.

I've got to say, going through the COPPA system was quite an eye-opener. I've disabled it on my board, but then marine fish keeping has so much more adult content than boring old business discussions :ack2:
Hi Dave, I did change your usergroup initially. Please let me know if you have any further hassles. Thanks.
Thanks. It looks like the last residual effects have cleared. Now to see a shrink about fixing the psychological scarring.
That COPPA system is a real PITA.
Yeah, gotta change it in quite a few places hey... You should be perfectly fine now. Your guardian called and said you are allowed to come play with the big boys...
Hey Dave welcome.
Your guardian called and said you are allowed to come play with the big boys...
ROFLMAO. :rofl:

And thanks for the welcome DragonReef. I suppose I'd better introduce myself properly in the new members section. I wouldn't be surprised if a few folk are going WTF.
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