RSS Misbar Maroon clownfish video show piebald stripes with age

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    The misbar maroon clownfish is a domestic strain that we always knew would eventually arise out of the mass culture of Premnas biaculeatus. What we didn’t expect from the misbar maroon is for it to develop totally different bar/stripe aberrations that are more piebald than say the more reticulating and boldly outlined bars of Amphiprion clownfish strains. This video posted by YouTube user Sonnysfish shows a specimen of the misbar maroon clownfish which was likely acquired during MACNA or shortly thereafter, which is the only time that ORA released any to the wider reefing world. The piebald pattern of stripes we’re seeing on this misbar maroon are very unusual and we look forward to seeing how the misbar maroon strain is developed by captive breeders over time. ORA doesn’t have a release date even in mind for these unusual Premnas, but we’re sure they will hand us a press release when they’re good and ready.
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