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    Mint Pavona (Pavona frondifera) is a new coral that ORA just announced as available from their ever increasing selection of corals. When looking at Mint Pavona you might think it’s the popular “potato chip” coral Pavona cactus but alas you’ve been fooled; we like to think Pavona frondifera is just a mini version. Pavona frondifera has a much thinner and more frequently branching growth form which is why Julian Sprung has been very successful at growing and sharing this coral. Interestingly, managing editor Jake Adams has a nice catchet of mint Pavona in his display reef tanks that he’s been growing. We spoke with ORA three months ago and finally the coral has come to fruition. Mint Pavona tends to favor less light and flow, so if you’re one of those SPS nerds we really wouldn’t recommend this guy, but hey your mileage may vary.
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