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    The Mini Micro Bullet 0.5 is the newest model of the long lived line of Bullet skimmers from Precision Marine, and the first new model of beckett style of downdraft skimmer that we’ve seen in a long while. Needle wheel and cone skimmers have seemed to edge out becketts and downdrafts for small to medium aquariums over the last decade, and rightfully so for their efficiency and ease of use but many large reef tanks are still predominantly skimmed with beckett injection skimmers. Japan is a huge fan of the Bullet series and we commonly see great Japanese reef tanks running a Bullet 1, 2 or 3. Precision Marine has now shrunk down the Beckett injected technology into the Bullet 0.5 to deliver a concentrated performance at a competitive price point.*

    mini-bullet05-4-150x150.jpg mini-bullet05-5-150x150.jpg mini-bullet05-1-150x150.jpg mini-bullet05-2-150x150.jpg mini-bullet05-3-150x150.jpg The Precision Marine Bullet 0.5 has been a long time coming and it probably qualifies as one of the smallest Beckett skimmers ever made, if it is even a Beckett skimmer at all! Precision Marine tells us that the Bullet 0.5 has a “specially tuned injector for lower pressure and flow rates”. In all of the images released of the Mini Micro Bullet so far, the injector assembly part of the skimmer is ostensibly missing from the frame, probably to hide a few of Precision Marine’s tricks until the skimmer is actually released. Final size, pricing and availability has not yet been set by Precision Marine but they are*aiming for a price point of about $250, give or take.

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