RSS Mini Heat Stik heaters from Deep Blue are the ideal way to warm your smaller tanks

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    The Heat Stik preset aquarium heater from Deep Blue Professional is a solution to a much overlooked problem. In our aquarium careers we’ve set up a dozen nano reef tanks of our own and have helped countless others with theirs but rarely do we have a good small and simple heater to use or suggest. Sure there are some nano submersible heaters out there, and the Cobalt Neo Heater is only a recent option, but when it comes to a low cost nano aquarium heater in line with the budget of the nanor reefer, it doesn’t get any more on-target than the pocket change priced Heat Stik heaters.*

    Deep Blue Professional is best known in the Southeast United States for making tanks but the company has been branching out and making a wide product line of aquarium devices, but that Mini Heat Stik is what we’re focusing on here. Deep Blue’s Heat Stik mini heaters come in four sizes, a 7.5, 15, 30 and 60 watt version which are rated for tanks from 2 to 20 gallons.

    The diminutive Heat Stik minis have no moving parts, no dials and can be easily placed in tight filters of most nano aquariums without having to be set. The Heat Stik is preset for an unspecified temperature, we presume it’s a tropical one of 75-ish degrees Fahrenheit but ranging from $10 to $15 these should deliver just enough warmth for most nano aquarium applications.
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