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    There’s an awesome and cute little LED light currently under development that just screams success from across the LFS. We sighted the affable little cubes of LED lighting power in New York recently and absent a specific product name, we are dubbing the Mini Cube LED, because that’s exactly what they are.

    Measuring in at about 2.5″ square by three inches high, these simple lights are 80% heatsink with a multichip on one and and a teeny tiny lil fan on the other end. This no-nonsense type of product design and engineering is one part of the allure of the Mini Cube LED, the other is the really useful accessories that are also adorning either side of the light.

    [​IMG]On the LED side there’s a generously large convex glass lens to evenly distribute the light from the 20 watts LED multichip which will be available in an all-blue, and a mixed blue and white for a somewhat 12,000 Kelvin look. The most innovative feature of the Mini Cube LED by far is the gimble mount that allows the light many different degrees of freedom to point in virtually any direction.

    Despite being a diminutive LED light, the flexible mounting and small size is precisely what will make the Mini Cube LED not just a light for the nano reef tanks, but also a great accent light for larger tanks where it will be easy to compliment existing light setups with accents of color and brightness. We’re still a couple weeks away from receiving an early production sample of the Mini Cube LED but we are certain that this light will be extremely popular when it finally comes to the reef aquarium market, stay tuned.

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