minerals in Richards Bay sand, leaching phosphates?

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    Hi Guys

    When I fired up my DSB, about 18 months ago, I used local live sand, below the low water level mark, but my problem is I think the high content of minerals in the sand, from Richards Bay.

    From 100k's north and about 50k's south of Richards Bay, there is heavy mining in the dunes along the coast, mining for mainly zircon, titania and iron ore. It is so rich the mineral deposits, that you walk on the beach and your feet are black from the minerals that have stuck to you. Some places even the beach looks like people have poured oil on it. The Mineral deposits along our area are very very high.

    Now my problem is for over about a year, I have had a non stop battle with GHA, I have tried everything you can, and the last few weeks I can only think that my problems are definatly coming from the DSB.

    Do you guys know if zircon, titania and iron ore will be high in phosphates?

    Also I thought that they would leach out, be absorbed, and end of story, but does it continue to leach and will it ever run out of reserves?
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    You answered your own question there. ;) Same reason why we use RO water and not tap water as there are too many impurities and undesirable elements in it.
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