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8 May 2007
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The MindStream Monitoring System is one of the most exciting products that’s ever been proposed to the aquarium hobby. Unfortunately, this type of sophisticated technology is much more capital-intensive than simply bringing a new LED light to market.

While the MindStream KickStarter crowdfunding campaign failed to raise the required funds to bring the aquarium monitoring system to market last year, the project is far from dead in the water. As we reported right after MACNA, Step Ahead Innovations is alive and well and exploring all their options to make the MindStream a reality.

An update released by MindStream today assures us that they are still making progress on the MindStream and hints that we could see the water monitor be released to the market as early as this year.

We are still hard at work here at Step Ahead Innovations and we wanted to update our followers that testing and refinements to the MindStream monitor are coming along nicely. We are making solid progress with raising the private capital necessary to get our product to market, and while there is still plenty to be done, we feel confident in the progress on all fronts to create a truly revolutionary aquarium monitoring system. We are still aiming to conduct beta testing in the coming months and launch the product sometime this year. Our team appreciates your continued patience as we finalize the MindStream monitor, and we look forward to getting it in your hands as soon as possible!

So in the coming few months, some early testers will begin real world trials of the MindStream. Hopefully, following a successful trial we might see the MindStream enjoy a wider public release, probably in the U.S. first, and then around the world when the time is right. Thankfully, MindStream will be present at the first big reef show of the year, ReefStock in about ten days, and we’ll be able to get the full scoop from them in person.

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