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    The Mindstream Aquarium Monitoring System is a groundbreaking new device that was first announced in late 2013, but then went completely radio silent for all of last year. The Mindstream Monitor turned a lot of heads by promising to be able to constantly monitor many different important aquarium water parameters.

    Lots of different aquarium monitors can report on pH, salinity, temperature and the Seneye can even measure ammonia. But where the Mindstream Monitor really got the hobby’s attention is in its promise to be able to also monitor other really critical reef parameters such as calcium, alkalinity & magnesium as well as levels we don’t typically monitor or measure like potassium, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

    [​IMG]The unique internal electronics of the Mindstream Monitor that allow it to measure so many aquarium water parameters

    Since there is nothing else like the Mindstream Monitor, the promise of constant measurement of calcium and alkalinity through electronic means seemed almost too good to be true. And after more than a year without any updates from Mindstream, we were beginning to think that this ambitious project might be dead in the water, vaporware that would never see the shine of aquarium light.

    We are pleased to announce that the Mindstream Monitor is alive and well, and a formal introductory announcement is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Furthermore, Mindstream will be exhibiting at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America to demonstrate and show the world this very exciting new product that they’ve created.

    [​IMG]We are brimming with anticipation to learn more about the Mindstream Monitor, to discover how it works and especially how well it works. The idea of not having to tediously measure calcium, alkalinity or magnesium is really the holy grail of aquarium water chemistry monitoring. The Mindstream Monitor’s ability to also measure oxygen, carbon dioxide and potassium is another level of chemical detail that will only serve to helps us better understand the various ways that our aquariums can be even more suitable for reef fish and corals.

    Stay tuned for a formal announcement from Mindstream about their Aquarium Monitoring System very soon. [Mindstream]
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