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    Milwaukee Instruments is releasing a series of controllers to monitor your pH and ORP levels in your system. For hobbyists looking for scientific grade and lab accurate controllers, the new series from Milwaukee Instruments might be just for you. The three units include the Milwaukee MC122 pH Controller, the Milwaukee MC125 pH/ORP controller and the Milwaukke MC510 ORP Controller.*Pricing and availability will be made public shortly but in the meantime, a complete description of each unit follows the break.

    * MC122-300x200.jpg

    MC122*–*pH CONTROLLER, Range: 0.0 to 14.0,* 2 Point Manual Calibration, Accuracy of ±0.2 pH.* Set Point Range: 5.5 to 9.5 pH, LED Visual Alarm Active & Power Plug Socket for Dosing turned on when reading is Higher or Lower (*user select*) than the set point. Supplied with 12 V DC Power Adapter,* MA911B/2 Double Junction pH Probe, 20 ml. pH 7.01 Calibration Solution and Screwdriver for Calibration. Unit comes with Mounting Kit and Probe Holder.

    MC125*–*pH/ORP CONTROLLER, Range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH / ± 1000 mV With ±0.2 pH / ±5 mV Accuracy. Unit has 2 Selectable Set points for pH & ORP LED Visual Alarm Active When Readings are Higher or Lower (*user select*) –* 2 Power Plug Sockets for CO2 & OZONE Dosing. Supplied with 110v to12 V DC Power Adapter,* MA911B/2* Double Junction pH Probe &* MA921B/2 ORP Platinum Probe.* Unit Comes with Mounting Kit and 2 – Probe holders

    MC510*–*ORP CONTROLLER, Range: ± 1000 mV, With ±5 mV Accuracy. Set Point 0 TO 600 mV, LED Visual Alarm and Power on to Controller plug Active When Reading is Higher or Lower (user select) Than Set Point.* Supplied with 110 v / to 12 V DC Power Adapter,* MA921B/2 Probe- Unit is Factory Calibrated. Unit comes with Mounting Kit and probe holder.
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    Looks cool, wonder what they will cost once you add duties on to them

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