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    Milwaukee Instruments revealed at PetsFestival last week that they would be releasing a full line of small, compact and affordable handy photometers for testing water chemistry like Phosphate and more. If Milwaukee’s Photometer’s seem like a familiar concept, that’s because they directly mirror Hanna’s own drop Checkers in form, function and even in pricing – as similar as they are we don’t really know how different they are, or how well they perform compared to Hanna’s own offerings.

    [​IMG]The Italian representative for Milwaukee Instruments informed us that their Photometers would be released sometime this fall with the Phosphate Photometer leading the charge. Pricing for North America is yet to be determined but in Europe the Milwaukee Photometer for measuring phosphate would retail for around 60€ (~$76).

    The box for the Milwaulkee Phosphate Photometer was very basic, with the kit including only a single reagent to add to the vial and only a single button to push for operating the unit, so we presume it functions very similarly to the Hanna Checker for phosphate as well.

    While not presented for display, a suite of four other Photometers were being teased for release in the near future with an oversize vinyl banner promising four other parameters for the Photometers in the future. Iron, Iodine, Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine will be the four other parameters possible to test using the Milwaukee Photometers when they become available in the future.

    The full product details of Milwaukee’s new Handy Photometers are listed on their website where it is revealed that the Phosphate Handy Photometer has a range of o.oo to 2.50 mg/l with a resolution of 0.01 mg/l. We look forward to seeing and trying the new Milwaukee Photometers when they are available to reefers. [Milwaukee Instruments]

    € [​IMG]

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