Milky water


Ahh...might just be that the "dust" particals stuck in the filter matt spread through the water when you changed it....leave should come right. Are you dosing anything? Bacteria source?
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I used special blend every day for the first week double dose and now 1 a week normal dose. I have changed the matt before and never done this
Ok thats not right then...maybe its some sort of bacterial bloom...i would leave it to run its course...
If they are ceramic rings...i wouldnt keep them in the tank...will just become a detritus trap eventually unless you shake them off daily...
No need for that stuff.
Actually nothing wrong with ceramic filtration to add loads of biological filtration area to your tank if you can keep them clean
No bubles had my water tested amonia at 0.1 ph 7.5 dow
Ammonia should be undetectable.... even at 0.1 it is an issue. also a ph of 7.5 shows something isn't right in your tank.
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